Red Lips with Living Nature

Living Nature Wild Fire Lipstick

Let me introduce you to this little beauty... Living Nature's Wild Fire Lipstick*. I've been wanting to try Living Nature's lipsticks for a while so when an email popped into my inbox offering to send me a lipstick to try I obviously jumped at the chance. I was sent Wild Fire which is a gorgeous red - I wear a lot of red lipsticks so this was a great colour for me and I've already worn it a ton of times, plus the packaging is just dreamy.

Living Nature is fast coming up in my list of favourite brands and I wish I'd tried their products sooner. They use only 100% natural ingredients with an emphasis on unique New Zealand botanicals like Active Manuka Honey - a skin healer, Harakeke Flax Gel - a super hydrator, Totarol - an anti-oxidant and antimicrobial and Manuka Oil - a skin protector. All of their packaging is recyclable to help protect the planet and they are cruelty free too of course. Their Wild Fire lipstick is packed with organic ingredients like beeswax, carnauba wax and coconut oil to

The Holiday Make Up Bag: Poland

Face Make Up Poland

I'm off on a few trips and holidays this year, so I thought I would do a little mini series of Holiday Make Up Bags throughout the year. My first trip of the year is Poland (I'll actually be over there by the time you're reading this!) and so this trip's make up bag will kick off the series. Luckily, we have a suitcase to put all of our toiletries, appliances, etc in, so I haven't had to streamline my stash too much, but I've still whittled it down to one of everything (or maybe 2!). We are sharing the suitcase between 4 of us, so I still need to be careful what I'm packing and how much it weighs and I've finally settled on the below pieces.


I received a sample of the Vapour Stratus Soft Focus Skin Perfector with my order of The Nature of Beauty and

Ice Skating & Star Wars


So I'm a little late on posting this as I didn't get around to it before Christmas, but both of these events are still on so I thought it won't hurt to tell you about them. It will also be good to have this to look back on. This year I'm going to try my hardest to log more holidays/days out on this here blog, as it will be good to have a little diary of them. Hopefully, my Florida post will be up soon too even though that was 6 months ago now!

So at the end of November last year Anthony and I went to London for the day. I'd planned the whole day as a surprise for Anthony and it went off without a hitch, thank god! We got into London for 10.15am and headed

Welcome 2017

2017 Goals

I wasn't going to do one of these posts this year, but I thought it would mark the start of 2017 quite nicely and it will be good to have a record of what I'd like to achieve this year. I haven't really set myself any New Years Resolutions as such, but I do have certain things that I want to focus on more throughout the year.


At the end of last year, I got so busy in my social life that blogging took a bit of a back seat and I lost my love for it. However, now it's a new year and January is always a quiet month socially (although I do go to Poland in less than 2 weeks!), so I really want to try and make blogging more of a priority now. I've also had some great ideas for posts that I can't wait to share with you guys.