Smoky Eyes with Living Nature

Living Nature Slate Eyeshadow

Living Nature are a brand that I've wanted to try, ever since looking into more natural make up. All of their products are certified natural and are free from synthetic preservatives and other chemical nasties. Living Nature use healing plants from New Zealand to create potent botanical products that work together to enhance skin's beauty. Even the most sensitive of skin can use their products.

I was very generously sent the Living Nature Slate Eyeshadow* and the recyclable Eyeshadow Compact* too. I love the compact as it's made of completely recyclable material and comes with a sponge applicator. I personally won't use the applicator so I'll be throwing that away and this then gives me 2 more spaces for eyeshadows. The compact is really lightweight and not too bulky, making it perfect to take on trips away.

Staying Motivated in Winter

Winter is depressing. We go to work in the dark, go home in the dark and it's so friggin' cold that we have to scrape the car in the morning - bye bye extra 10 minutes in bed :(. With this being said it's so hard to get motivated to work out. All I want to do when I get home after work is put the fire on, put my feet up under a blanket, watch Christmas films and eat my weight in Christmas goodies. However, doing that every night will not get me the body I want so whenever I feel like I really can't be bothered I look to these people as inspiration and they motivate me to get my arse in the gym and get lifting those weights!

In no particular order:

Grace Fit UK

Grace Fit UK