Multipower 53% Protein Bar

Multipower Protein Bar

I was so pleased when an email dropped into my inbox a couple of weeks ago asking if I wanted to try some of Multipower's new 53% Protein Bars*. Erm...of course I do! I usually stick to protein shakes and I have one after the gym and then one the morning after a workout too, but sometimes it's too much of a rush in the morning so I thought the bars would be a great substitute to grab as I'm running out the door.

I want to try counting macros at some point but that's a big scary world and I'm not sure if I'm quite ready for that yet, so I've just been concentrating on adding more protein into my diet as it's essential for muscle recovery. One shake gives me around 20 grams of protein and these bars offer 27 grams of protein, so I'm actually getting more in a bar than my normal shake.

Bloomtown Botanicals Sugar Srubs

Bloomtown Botanicals Sugar Scrubs

I've been trialling these Bloomtown Botanicals' Sugar Scrubs* for a few weeks now and thought it was time to share them with you. Bloomtown Botanicals is a brand that create sustainable beauty products that have no nasty chemicals in them. All of their products are free from palm oil and a percentage of their profits are donated to environmental and animal charities. It's great when you find a cruelty free company that goes that extra mile to give something back.

I was very kindly sent 2 Sugar Scrubs to try out and these are the products I was most excited to try. I have terribly dry skin on my legs and I need to exfoliate a LOT. I'm usually a scrub floozy and pick up whatevers on offer but I've recently been looking for scrubs and skincare that will really benefit my skin. I try and exfoliate my legs at least twice a week, sometimes more in the winter, otherwise it looks like I'm shedding a layer of skin (not pretty!).

Fitness Update #1

Fitness Update

I've been going to the gym for around 4 months now, which is officially the longest time I've stuck at any sort of exercise (go me!), so I thought I'd do a little fitness update. I might make this into a regular thing if it goes well and you guys enjoy reading it, so let me know what you think in the comments.

I love lifting weights. I'm not a cardio girl and I always hated the thought of getting on the treadmill and (attempting) to run for an hour, 4 times a week. I think that's why I never stuck at the gym before - it was boring and I wasn't seeing the results I wanted. With lifting weights I can see progression week after week and that's what keeps me motivated to keep going.

When I first started going to the gym I went with Anthony and he showed me what exercises to do and how to

Bloomtown Botanicals Nourishing Soap Bars

On my mission to find more natural and organic products I came across Bloomtown Botanicals on Twitter and they very kindly agreed to send me some samples of their products to try. When they arrived I saw that 3 full sized products had been included and one sample product, which is so very generous of them. Today I am reviewing 2 of the full sized Nourishing Soap Bars * for you guys and (spoiler alert) they're great!!

Bloomtown Botanicals started when Preyanka and her husband Medwin moved to Indonesia and saw for themselves the effects of palm oil cultivation - the loss of forests that are home to endangered species, such as orangutans and tigers. As a result of this they have removed palm oil from their lives and decided to make palm oil free products, as most shop bought shampoos, conditioners and lotions include palm oil. This coupled with Preyanka's passion for aromatherapy and botany created Bloomtown Botanicals, who produce cruelty free and