The Love/Hate Tag

I've been nominated to do The Love/Hate Tag by the lovely Dani from Simply Courageous. Thanks for the nomination Dani. This tag requires you to list 10 things that you hate and 10 things that you love. I love to read posts like this on blogs as it gives you an insight into the person behind the blog.

It was actually harder than I thought it would be to try and list 10 things I love and hate. It took me ages to think of 10 things I hate and I had more than 10 things I love! I've managed to get 10 of each now, so without further ado here are my lists.

10 Things I Love 

1. Reading - I have always loved reading since I was a child and couldn't imagine not being able to sit

Summer Music

I love music all year round and always like to have some on round the house or in the car, just as background music. I don't really have playlists as such, I just pick songs out that I want to listen to at the time. I have favourite bands and songs that I always return to, no matter what time of year it is. So instead of a playlist I have listed some of my favourites bands and songs below that I listen to time and time again. Have you got any recommendations for me?

Boiled Frogs,